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Why KC Bug Spray?

5 Minute Set-Up

View pricing, choose your options, and request a free quote in just a couple minutes

Payment, invoices, contracting and customer information is all conveniently completed online.

Online Account Information

All areas of lawn care Covered.

Enjoy a company that has all areas covered to fulfill your lawn maintenance needs. 

Fully Insured Professionals

With KC Bug Spray, our customers are completely protected by liability insurance.

Quality guarenteed

If you are not happy, we strive to solve all issues in the most cost-efficient way.

Choose Your Service

Stack of turf grass for lawn. Carpet of

Our Sodding and Seeding applications are top-rated. Call or request a quote today to completely transform your lawn into a masterpiece. 


Get Your Weeds Under Control

Weed Control

Tired of ugly weeds overrunning your lawn? Let KC Bug Spray stop them in their tracks. Fight back and take control of your lawn today. 

Pesticide applicaton sign Treatment


It's not if the pest will return, it's when. Love the outdoors but hate the bugs? Get rid of bugs, and enjoy your pest-free lawn and house today!

Fertilized Lawn vs Not Fertilized


Fertilization is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lawn. It helps in many ways including key ingredients for plants such as nitrogen to darken the color.

Core aeration on fescue lawn


Aeration of a lawn has an overwhelming effect on the lawns success. Make sure all the water and nutrients get to the grassroots for results

More Services

Find More

Have a request for a service not listed? Submit a contact email today and KC Bug Spray will reply as soon as possible to assess the situation!


What Our Customers Say

Ruby King
Residential Customer

A very well done job! Our household was so tired of all the weeds in our lawn. Using KC Bug Spray, we now have a weed-free, beautiful lawn that we take pride in!

Marion Cambell
Commercial Customer

As an owner of a daycare, it's so important to get rid of all the creepy crawlers on the lawn. I can feel assured that the little ones won't have any problems thanks to KC Bug Spray!

Tony Johnson
Residential Customer

Thank you KC Bug Spray for the excellent services just in time for the warm weather! I can have all the barbeques and pool days bug free!

Kevin Godwin
Residential Customer

I was so impressed by the customer service! Everything was so easy, from booking to payment, I loved my experience with KC Bug Spray.

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